This  is for those who are in need of inspiration and motivation.  Coming from an athletic background, we understand the importance of a time out.  When the games get out of control, coaches will call a timeout to calm the players and bring the focus back to the task at hand.

In Life, at least one time in a day, we get a feeling of overwhelmed thoughts, or a desire to quit and mentally check out for the rest of the day.  It is in these moments where we can’t take our life to the level we aspire to.  It’s where the excuses begin to over power the dreams.  This is a platform set up to give you “TIMEOUTS”.  So that when you get that feeling of losing control, we can provide you that inspiration that will regain your focus and get you running again.

Starting February  2014, This Revolution will be televised. The time to take a stand against mediocrity is now.  No more excuses.  #RunTheWalk

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