Great Things Ahead In 2013 For RTW!

What do you do with your time?

The New Year is in full effect and there is just one simple question you have to ask yourself.  If we think about a week long, we tend to think 7 days.  Thinking about 7 days, the thought is never 168 hours, and it most certainly isn’t 10,080 minutes.  Think about how many minutes that is and now ask yourself, Have I given it my all for all those minutes?

The saying is true, every successful person has the exact same amount of time as anyone else. It’s how the successful utilize their time that sets them apart.  The 10,080 minutes we get week-in and week-out determine the direction our life is heading, good or bad.

The team at Run The Walk are excited about all the things we have been working on for the year 2013!  It has been one heck of a ride thus far and we have handled every situation with a RTW mentality.  With camps this year coming up for our Wounded Warriors, clinics in New York, and huge strides being made towards our clothing line, we know that the hard work is paying off.

The year is fresh, and with it comes the opportunity to change.  But just remember, when talking about change, the people who are most successful with change take things one day at a time. The minutes in one day are what need to be focused on to achieve the large outcome.  24 hours at a time, each of the 1,440 minutes counts, to head down the road that leads to your dreams.

Until next time,

Keep Running