5 Ways To Enjoy Berries

1. Muddle them and mix with coconut water and fresh herbs for a refreshing, and super healthy summer “cooler”.  I love strawberry and basil together!

2. Eat them with quinoa for breakfast. I enjoy quinoa, almond milk, and raspberries. A lot.

3. Sprinkle them on salads.  Spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and a light fresh dressing is a fabulous combination.  Super food salad!

4. Make berry ice cubes.  Muddle the berries, mix with water, and pour into your ice tray.  Use them to excite and decorate your water! You can also make popsicles, just as easy.  If I were making popsicles I would probably use coconut water or a delicious organic juice as the base.

5.  In a park, doing something that makes you feel good; taking some time to relax under the warmth of the summer sun, and completely indulging in some time for YOU, and your berries of course.  ”The cherry on top”, if you will.
Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe New Mexico. Over and out

Peace By Piece