The P’s To Success

Success: The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

When making choices in life one tends to look for what will bring the most success.  When the public eye witnesses someone’s success, the assumption is often made that the success occurred over night, not realizing that the accomplishment was harder to attain than it looked.  I believe that a person needs a roadmap to success . . . the following p’s can guide you down that road.

Prayer:  Praying is important.  It allows a time for reflection and appreciation for the things that have already been received.  It also allows for the seeds to be planted, and a thankful spirit opens many doors in the world.  Religion plays a key role on the journey to success.  Denomination does not matter, what matters is your faith.  Faith is universal.

Persevere:  Success in life neither happens quickly, nor easily.  Those who succeed have had plenty of times in their lives in which they were presented situations which tested their ability to push through and overcome.  Without perseverance a person is liable to quit at the first sign of trouble.

Plan:  Without a proper agenda at hand a thought is simply that, just a thought.  If there is no plan to follow through on the idea or thought, action is never taken, thus allowing for a perfectly good seed to never be planted.

Power: The ability to own oneself allows for power from within.  If you are able to control yourself and the actions you take, you will truly be empowered to accomplish your goals.

Purpose:  Everyone has a purpose in life.  When a person discovers that purpose, it opens a gate of unstoppable force.  The abilities are endless and the answer is never no!

Priority:  Learning to structure one’s life and setting the proper values on everything is key.  Not having a good knowledge of what is really important can lead to a downfall or to never getting off the ground in the first place. A lack of values creates a cloudiness of mind and spirit and hinders all ability to see the big picture.

Proportion:  It is not necessarily what you do that hurts, it is the amount in which it is done.  Too much of anything is not good.  Recognizing the downside of excess and partaking wisely in life’s temptations builds a will power and results in self-discipline.

Positive:  Attitude is crucial.  So many times people make a mountain out of an ant hill, never giving themselves the opportunity to see beyond a temporary difficulty or setback.  Positive thinking allows solutions to be processed and can make a mountain look like a fun hike.

Passionate:  Without passion in life there is nothing there to drive a person.   A love for a specific goal enables someone to look past tough obstacles and handle adversity on the way to becoming successful.

Patience:  Nothing happens overnight. It takes time for a plan to fully blossom.  Exercising patience is not easy; however, waiting enables the planted seeds to sprout, the potential opportunities to occur.

Perception: Things happen on an everyday basis that can change your life.  It is not the wind that changes our direction, but rather the way we set sail.  How we see the situation is what determines our decisions on what to do next.