Austin Jones Wins Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Austin Jones- Senior, Laguna Acoma HS. 

Austin Jones was someone that stuck out to us instantly.  There was something about this guys hustle that left all of us in aww. The ability to get loose balls is one thing, but when you also add in that he finished almost everything around the rim, and made key plays towards the end of the game; it was obvious that he was playing at a higher level than everyone else out there.

Danni Williams Wins Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Danni Williams-  Sophomore, Clovis HS. 

Danni Williams was a special player to watch.  Her talents for being a sophomore were impressive, but when she got smacked in the face which lead to a steal and A wide open lay up for the opposing team; Danni’s reaction to that incident along with her effort was what let us know that her talent was good, but she is destined for greatness.  Following the smack to the face, she simply shook it off and hustled to the bench for the timeout. She never said one thing to anyone about the incident. No complaint to the ref, no excuse to the coach, she simply gained her composure and refocused her energy on the task at hand. And that was helping her team  win a state championship.

Cori Haley Wins Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Cori Haley- Senior, Lovington HS.

Cori Haley never seemed to get rattled. Her  poise, mixed with her vocal leadership allowed for her teammates to keep their composure and handle any obstacle they faced throughout the game. Cori is A talented athlete, so much so that she will be attending West Texas A&M on a volleyball scholarship. Her talents, although legitimate, take a back seat to the leadership ability she possesses.  Good luck to Cori in the future. We have no doubt that you will continue to run the walk.

Great Things Ahead In 2013 For RTW!

What do you do with your time?

The New Year is in full effect and there is just one simple question you have to ask yourself.  If we think about a week long, we tend to think 7 days.  Thinking about 7 days, the thought is never 168 hours, and it most certainly isn’t 10,080 minutes.  Think about how many minutes that is and now ask yourself, Have I given it my all for all those minutes?

The saying is true, every successful person has the exact same amount of time as anyone else. It’s how the successful utilize their time that sets them apart.  The 10,080 minutes we get week-in and week-out determine the direction our life is heading, good or bad.

The team at Run The Walk are excited about all the things we have been working on for the year 2013!  It has been one heck of a ride thus far and we have handled every situation with a RTW mentality.  With camps this year coming up for our Wounded Warriors, clinics in New York, and huge strides being made towards our clothing line, we know that the hard work is paying off.

The year is fresh, and with it comes the opportunity to change.  But just remember, when talking about change, the people who are most successful with change take things one day at a time. The minutes in one day are what need to be focused on to achieve the large outcome.  24 hours at a time, each of the 1,440 minutes counts, to head down the road that leads to your dreams.

Until next time,

Keep Running


Our Pain Really Is Temporary

Marathon or not, the experience was a life changer.  

It has been over a week now since the marathon was supposed to happen.  I know that for a couple of days it really was painful for me to think that I was not going to be able to run.  I saw all the chaos happening, with all the people hurting for necessities and then I thought even more about those affected by this awful disease.

I realized at that moment that my pain truly is temporary.  This whole time my team and I have been saying that our pain is temporary, how fitting that it in fact really is.  All of the real work had already been done.  We raised the money needed to run in the race, and we raised awareness to our friends and family about this disease.  And I did my part at making sure I followed the training regimen so that I could finish the 26.2 on marathon day.

The truth is that those running in the marathon all had their reasons for running.  Some are professional runners, others run because they love running, and others do something like us and run for a cause.  Although all reasons are great in their own way, none of them can compete with hurricanes.

We ran the walk by doing everything needed to get to the big run.  For anyone who has played a sport, all you can do is prepare for the game and give your all at practice, and then you go out and the game takes care of itself.  In this case the game was canceled, but our experiences leading up to the game were not.

This has been one of the most fulfilling things I have been able to be a part of, and although we were unable to run the NYC marathon, these last 6 months have felt really good helping those battling Multiple Myeloma.  We Run Because We Can and My Pain Is Temporary will live with me forever.  I can’t wait until the next challenge!

Until next time,

Keep Running!

Running After Hurricane Sandy

Goals are never reached easily,

When you sit down and think about all the things that could possibly go wrong during the day, rarely do we think about Mother Nature bringing something major into our problems.  It seems that we tend to take the things like blue sky and an easy breeze for granted.

Here I am sitting, watching this chaos go on all over the east coast and I can’t believe that I am only days away from being there to see the aftermath.  The marathon is Sunday, and although this has been a huge storm that has brought an abundance of problems, I have received word that the run will go on.

It is safe to say that the marathon I envisioned running will be a lot different than the one I actually run.  Prior to this, there was an expectation of over 47,000 runners and over 2 million spectators throughout the race.  With flooding and people’s wellbeing at risk, my question is how many runners will still show up to run?  And how many people are actually going to be spectators at an event at a time like this?

We started this mission in April with a goal of helping those who are unable to run on their own.  With the circumstances standing as they are now, we have another mission.

We all have a tendency to look for the perfect opportunity to start something.  We all have the belief that we need to wait until exactly the right time.  With the storm in full effect tonight, it is clear that the time is not perfect for anyone to go and run in the New York Marathon.  As a matter of fact, it could be dangerous traveling to an unfamiliar place that may not have electricity.

But we have come so far, and if the New York City Marathon is going to go on, then we will be there, ready to finish what we set out to accomplish in April.

We Run Because We Can!


We Did It!!

#WeRunCauseWeCan                                             #RunTheWalk

Thanks to great friends and support from so many participants in this past weekends event, I am happy to say that we have officially punched our ticket to run in the NYC marathon. All the training has been intense, and it has been great having my team there every step of the way!

This past weekend we had over 150 participants run in our first 5k/10k.  It was a success in more than just numbers.  During the race, I was able to connect with people from all walks of life.  Some of the participants were cancer survivors themselves and hearing their stories only made our mission that much more meaningful.

Dating back to just a couple of weeks ago, our chances of attaining our $4,000 goal was looking slim to none.  We were at $1,190, and had no idea what kind of numbers we were going to get at our event.  I will say that G Garza was the man with the plan on this one.  He was able to gather his community of Rancho Viejo and get them on board with our vision and purpose.  G would not have been able to do this alone.  A Special thanks to the Rancho Viejo Community and all of the workers that provided assistance to make this event a success.  Natalie Sales, the country club and resort fitness director, was the person who really helped solidify everything!  Natalie I cannot thank you enough for everything you did, without you and Rancho Viejo’s help, the event wouldn’t be possible.

I am in still in amazement that we raised $2,915 on the event considering we only had four weeks to prepare.  I am happy to say that we have raised $4,105!

My team has been behind me from the start and we are now about to run in NYC.

To everyone that has donated, I want to thank you for helping us get to our goal.  For those of you who participated in our event this past weekend, you have no idea how much you did by showing up and supporting our cause.

We Run Because We Can!


3 Weeks Till The Big Day

Over The Hump With Training

Yesterday I finished my last LONG run (20 miles!)  in preparation for the NYC Marathon on November 4. It was hard, but nothing like fighting cancer.   By mile 15 my joints hurt and all I could think about was the pain that these patients must be in at all times throughout the day.  I can’t believe in 3 weeks I will be running 26.2 through the streets of NYC!

I really feel blessed to get the opportunity to be running as a charity runner for  the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).   I am running for the MMRF because they are recognized as a  leader in cancer research and budget 90% of every dollar raised to research.  In fact the MMRF is rated in the top 1% of all non-profits by Charity Navigator!

The team and I have made a commitment to raise a minimum of $4000 for the MMRF. We have managed to raise $1080 so far, and with only 3 weeks left we know we have a ways to go, but don’t doubt for a second that we will get there.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated, and for those who would still like to donate,  we would appreciate your support with a tax deductible donation.

You can support me here:  Donations of any size are appreciated!

Until next time,

Keep Running


Fighting Cancer And Motivating Others To LIVE

Above is a picture of Dinora, a woman that has absolutely moved me beyond any word describable.  Her story has brought  tears to my eyes.  Seeing what it is like for a mother facing what Dinora is now forced to face., I can’t help but think about my past.  I have been on the other side, watching my mom slowly be taken over by a disease, but never in my 18 years since losing her, did I ever stop to see the events unfold from my mom’s perspective  as she faced the inevitable.
I do not know Dinora personally, but when I step out to run tomorrow’s long 17 miles, her life  and story will be weighing heavily on my mind, fueling me with the motivation needed to finish the training.  We all have a tendency to go through a day complaining about the reasons why that day may have been so hard, or not gone our way.  Below I have posted the words that Dinora wrote that moved me so tremendously.  Please read, and following the reading, stop and ask yourself if the complaints are really worth wasting our precious breathes on.
“Hi friends,
Life fighting cancer is generally two steps forward, one back. Sometimes it’s two forward, 1,000 steps back…that’s where we are now. Last week I began having some headaches—the short of it is that the cancer has spread to the base of my neck, to the nerves leading to my ears, and in the lining of my brain. Wow…you have to give credit to such awful cells that are capable of working around chemo and still paving new paths of destruction. This setback is, well, more than that. My doctors have given me 6-12 months unless God grants me a miracle (which we’d love, of course!).
6-12 months
How do you wrap your head around that?  Between dwelling on it and sometimes avoiding it; it’s an impossible thing to think about.
As a wife, my heart breaks for my high school sweetheart who will soon navigate life as a single dad BUT he does have a Superman cape under his t-shirts and I know he’ll do an amazing job with Ethan and Asher. God knew what he was doing all those years with Mr Varsity Tennis Champ and Little Ole Freshman Tennis Team me. :-) As a mommy to my 7 & almost 11-year old boys, it’s against my very nature of protecting them and never causing them pain to put them through this. Ethan understands the time frame, Ash is too young to fully grasp it so he’s protected. They both see a mommy who’s weak, tired, and lost a lot of weight but I remind them of the mommy who rode a bazillion rollercoasters at Disney, loved Sea World, the beach, took them for slurpees and Mexican sweetbread after school, and cheered LOUDLY at countless baseball games. I’m their biggest fan!  These are the memories I want them to keep tucked in their hearts.

I don’t know why God chose this path for me but as I’ve told our boys, this world is broken and comes with lots of hurts. It won’t be whole until Jesus reclaims it. It’s unimaginable to me that I won’t be here walking next to my boys, but trust that I’ll be watching them from my Heavenly Father’s side. This girl cannot miss a baseball game!
For now, we will try one last chemo option that will merely keep bad symptoms at bay for a few months and allow me to hopefully enjoy that time as fully as I can with my 3 boys.  I know each day I have to pour into them is a great privilege…the beautiful privilege of being a mommy and a wife. What a beautiful blessing!  Hugs, DPS.  See you Sunday at the DN5K Run!  Just know I’ll be the girl wiping her eyes with tissues. :-)

Outside Comfort Zones Are Now The New Comfort

I am five weeks away from the big day.  So far I have managed to knock out two half marathon distances and even step out into the 16 mile range.  The best thing that has come out of all of this happened today.

Today, for the first time I no longer felt like a person who is just training for a marathon, but rather, I felt like a runner.

I owned my 12 mile run today.  I ran each mile at an eight minute pace and it was amazing to feel my feet just take over.  During the run I kept thinking to myself that this feeling sure was different from when I first started out on this mission in April. That feeling of barely being able to accomplish a four mile run is something far removed from my psyche

My team and I started out on this mission aiming to accomplish two major goals.

The first goal was to demonstrate what it means to really Run The Walk and do more than what is asked.  Many companies are willing to donate towards a great cause, and like them, we wanted to do the same.  But in order to Run The Walk we had to do more, so we made sure that we would not only raise money and awareness, but we would actually sacrifice our time and body towards the cause itself.

The second goal was to demonstrate how hard it might be at first to do something outside of our comfort zone, but with time that task will become second nature.  We wanted to make a point that although we may not be good at the task at first, that should not discourage anyone from going after that task .  The only thing needed is to put in work!

As I said before, today I am no longer a person doing something outside of my comfort zone, because it is now comfortable for me to go for a run.  My biggest task is yet to come, as next week I have a 20 mile run.  I know it is going to be tough, but the support that everyone has given me up now is something that keeps me going strong.  Thank you for supporting and running with me!

If you have not donated but want to help us Run The Walk for a cause, here is the link.  For those who have already donated, we thank you so much! We are almost at $1,000 with our goal being $4,000.  We will get there!  Until next time,

Keep Running!!