Las Cruces High Players Win Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Kai Williams-  Senior /Trevor Noel- Senior/Joseph Garza- Senior, Las Cruces HS. 

Kai Williams, Trevor Noel, and Joseph Garza shocked us during the 5A championship game.  It was not the fact that they were not suppose to be there playing in that game.  It wasn’t the fact that they showed up to play and did every thing they could to win either.  It was the fact that all three of them played at such a high level it was hard to determine who should get the Run The Walk award.

Kai was a smooth operator.  He did everything from single handedly breaking the press, to posting up in the paint and finishing.  There wasn’t a player that could hang with Trevor’s ability to get all the loose balls and beat every big man up the court.  His determination helped fuel the team in clutch situations.

Joseph was the guard that every coach wants to coach.  Really handled pressure well, knocked down big time shots, and played relentlessly on the defensive end.  He covered so much ground it looked like there was multiples of him out on the court.

The three of them played so well we had to give all of them the award.  When you see that many play like that on one team, you have to tip your hat to the head coach, William Benjamin.

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