Teige Zeller Wins Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Teige Zeller- Junior, Los Lunas HS.

Teige Zeller was someone who catches a coaches eye within a second of watching her play.  She is a tall and strong player. But that is not the only reason she would catch the eyes of A coach; When you saw a loose ball, chances were that she was there first, and any chance of a shot coming off of the rim, Teige was there to scoop it up.  She nabbed a tourney high 26 rebounds in one game alone, and was the main force to helping Los Lunas bring home a blue trophy.

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