Danni Williams Wins Run The Walk Award

This past weekend we were at New Mexico watching the state tournament. Our Sole purpose for going was to find players who ran the walk and give them the “go all out be all in award”.

We were happy to see that there were several players that could have won this award in each division, and although it made the decision hard on our end, we were pleased to see so many players giving all that they had for their respective teams.


Danni Williams-  Sophomore, Clovis HS. 

Danni Williams was a special player to watch.  Her talents for being a sophomore were impressive, but when she got smacked in the face which lead to a steal and A wide open lay up for the opposing team; Danni’s reaction to that incident along with her effort was what let us know that her talent was good, but she is destined for greatness.  Following the smack to the face, she simply shook it off and hustled to the bench for the timeout. She never said one thing to anyone about the incident. No complaint to the ref, no excuse to the coach, she simply gained her composure and refocused her energy on the task at hand. And that was helping her team  win a state championship.

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