Running For A Change

The team here at Run The Walk is determined to make a change in the world.  Instead of just donating money or doing a function where the proceeds will go to a great cause, we decided to really Run The Walk!

We are going to run in this year’s New York City Marathon.  What better way to Run The Walk then taking on 26.2 miles of intensity that will require hours of training and more than a few packs of ice!-)

My team is pumped to be a part of something so great!  My Aunt Alicia O’Neill  heads up the marathon program cancer foundation MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation).  Multiple myeloma is a devastating blood cancer with one of the worst survival rates of any cancer.  The MMRF is the world’s largest private funder of myeloma research, and some of the treatments that they have funded are being used to treat 30 other cancers.

My mom died of Lupus when I was 10, and the way I had to watch her wither away is still something that is hard to bear to this day.  There is not one disease out there that is worse than the other.  Every disease out can equally harm a person and the person’s family.

Run The Walk runs because we can!  It is something that will be painful to train for.  I do not enjoy running, however I am blessed to be able to run on behalf of my team and fortunate that my pain comes because of activity, and not because my body is being attacked by something I cannot control.  My pain is temporary where as those who suffer from diseases like Multiple Myeloma are plagued with pain day after day.

The MMRF is a leader in cancer research.  One disease cured is a huge step towards curing other diseases.  We have committed to raise $4,000 towards MMRF’s push towards a cure.  This is our ticket into running the marathon and achieving our goal as well.  Every dollar counts and I hope that you can help us reach our goal.  To donate click the link below.   All of your support is going to help me on those days when it is hard to move!

We run because we can!

Keep Running


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