Cherries Are Powerful

“The day when the doctors say  ’take 10 cherries and call me in the morning’ may not be far off”. (Newsweek Magazine)


That mentality is my job.

Hippocrates once said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.  It’s one of my favorite quotes.  Packs a pretty giant punch that little Hippocrates quote.  Well said Hippocrates, well said, bud. I couldn’t agree more.

On to the cherries.  Sweet, delicious, beautiful cherries…

When I think of cherries I think: Summer fruit, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-cancer, sweet, delicious, beautiful, and a fabulous and nutritious addition to every meal or beverage.

I want for you to promise me that if you are going to buy them, that you buy them organic.  Cherries are always up high on the dirty dozen list; a list released by the Environmental Working Group every year that lists the foods most contaminated by pesticides. Rule of thumb: Anything with a thin skin should, especially, always be bought organic.  That is unless pesticides are your thing, and in that case, “to each his own”.  No judgement here, BUT that’s not to say that your body isn’t  judging, and acting accordingly.

What I’d like to highlight is one of the cancer fighting agents in cherries.  It’s a flavanoid called quercetin.  Flavanoids are plant compounds with antioxidant, anticancer, and antiallergy properties. More than 4000 have been identified. Quercetin specifically has been found to be a very potent anticancer agent.  It also exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties.  If cherries are not in season and you would like to supplement with quercetin, you can find great sources at any natural market.  Remember to always buy your vitamins and supplements in “Whole Food” form.  Come to Whole Foods Market and find me!  I’ll show you all my favorites. If you can’t come into the store, let me know how you would like for me to convey the information and I’m happy to improvise.

I love to eat cherries just as they are.  However, my Grandma used to make a sweet treat with cherries that will blow your mind:  Plain thick style yogurt topped with ripe bing cherries (cut in half) and honey, finished with sprinkled brown sugar over the top.  It’s to die for. And don’t ruin it with yogurt that’s not organic! That’s an order.

Go get some cherries while they’re still in season! That’s another order.

Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over and out.

Peace By Piece

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