To love what you do makes it a little easier to wake up in the morning.  But a problem that most of us face is the lack of love for what we do, or rather, finding something to love about what we do.

Have you ever been so excited for a trip that you couldn’t sleep? Or felt exhilarated because you were going to see a loved one you hadn’t seen in a long time?  Your heart is full of love, a certain yearning for what is going to happen next.  And typically, you never think about the sleep you didn’t get, because you were too busy having fun and living.

The people who are able to get up, day in and day out, with a sense of ease and eagerness to start the day are people who have passion for what they are doing.  The love in their hearts for what they do and their anticipation of what is next to come allow for an easy transition out of bed and for the late return to it.

It’s time to really stop and think:  Where does your passion lie?

For us here at Run The Walk, the passion lies in our ability to connect with others.  We wake up early and strive to reach more people every day, trying to pass on the knowledge we have been given and learned throughout our lives.  We find that the more we encourage others to do more, the more we are able to do.  It is becoming an addiction to get more out of life.

Take any person who plays a college sport.  That athlete will tell you that the amount of work required to hone skills is endless.  If you ask whether or not the work is demanding, the answer will probably be yes, but for the athlete who loves a sport, hard work and challenges are never looked at as negatives.  The early practices before the rise of the sun are done not just because the coach requires them, but also — and primarily — because the athlete loves the sport.

Those who find themselves loving the sport have a tendency to work harder and smarter.  Late night shooting sessions with no sound but the bounce of the ball don’t happen unless there is a passion driving the person.  The athletes who arrive before practice to work on weaknesses are there because they are passionate, either about the game itself or about being the best they can be.  Passion is the driving force, it allows for the “extra” to happen more effortlessly.

If you can’t think of anything to be passionate about, try rewording the question.  We all love doing something.  What could you see yourself doing if you did not need money?

In the next topic we will talk about purpose.  What we do gets done better when there is meaning behind it, and chances are when activities and outcomes are better, the money is sure to follow.

Until next time,

Keep Running!


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