2013 Recap

Run The Walk started originally as a camp/clinic company.  We were just former College/Pro players/coaches who wanted to help young athletes take their talents to the
next level.

By the middle of our first year, we realized that the philosophies we live by and the teachings we offer during our camps and clinics could be summed up in one simple

Run The Walk: The ability to take what you are currently doing to the next level.

By the end of year one, we had branched out, holding running events, setting up corporate challenges, and speaking to people in all walks of life, telling them what RTW is all about. By year two we knew that we were promoting a lifestyle rather than just trying to help kids with the game of basketball.

The more people we reach and who begin “Running The Walk” with us, the more
motivated we become to give our maximum to advance the RTW movement.

Above is a recap of our second year.  We have big things planned for year three, and can’t wait to keep inspiring and helping others achieve their dreams!

Keep Running!