Priorities Equal Success

Priorities are key to a solid foundation.

When I sit back and think of my years as a collegiate athlete, I remember all of the great times I had.  Those great times that are in my thoughts are also the same times that caused my ultimate goal to dwindle.

I was a player who wanted to play professionally.  I never wanted anything more than that, or so that is what I kept telling myself.  But the fact of the matter is that my everyday rituals were not matching up with my dreams I wanted to achieve.

For example, often I chose to hang with a girl over working on my weaknesses.  Or I hit the party on a Thursday night instead of watching film to better my knowledge of my game and what I needed to work on.  You see, I was just going through life wishing.  I never really put my 100% towards my dream of playing professionally because my priorities were not aligned with my goals.

If you were to make a list of the top 3 things I focused on while in college, it would go as follows:

  1. Girls
  2. Hanging with the guys
  3. Working on my game

Sadly, school work wasn’t even in my top three.  And for over 2 years after my college career was over, it was a struggle to figure out what it was that I wanted to do.  There is no coincidence in that.

How can we expect to reach our goal without putting in the necessary work towards it, each and every day?  The fact that we dream big is not enough.  The work is where the rubber meets the road.  If you look at my priorities as a player you will probably guess what I got pretty good at by the end of my college life.  I was excellent at socializing and being the guy who could get the girls.  I don’t say that to brag, but rather to illustrate that the top priorities will manifest for you in due time.  I even got a couple of offers to play overseas and in Mexico, but nothing that was worth it.  Imagine if my number 3 priority was my number 1??

Take a minute to think about what it is you want, and put that on the left side of a piece of paper.  Now on the right side of the paper put the top 5 things it would take to achieve those goals.  On a separate piece of paper put the top 5 things that you focus on currently.  Chances are if you have not reached your goal those two lists of priorities are not going to match up.

When I talk with people about working out, the first thing they tell me is that they do not have the time to work out.  The honest answer to this is if you want it, you will do it.  Whatever are your top priorities you will do.  When I weighed 210 lbs. as a college coach, my priorities involved recruiting players, breaking down films, and helping run practices.  Working out was not on my list.  When I was fed up with how I felt, working out took the top spot on my list of priorities – and guess what?  I found time!  You make time for the things you want to do.  Working out is not fun for most people, and because that lack of fun exists in their minds, they rationalize with the excuse of “I can’t find time.”

The day of achieving your goal is made real by clearly identifying and steadfastly sticking to your priorities.  In the next topic we will focus on Perseverance.  No one said it is going to be easy to accomplish your dreams.

Until Next Time

Keep Running

5 Ways To Enjoy Berries

1. Muddle them and mix with coconut water and fresh herbs for a refreshing, and super healthy summer “cooler”.  I love strawberry and basil together!

2. Eat them with quinoa for breakfast. I enjoy quinoa, almond milk, and raspberries. A lot.

3. Sprinkle them on salads.  Spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and a light fresh dressing is a fabulous combination.  Super food salad!

4. Make berry ice cubes.  Muddle the berries, mix with water, and pour into your ice tray.  Use them to excite and decorate your water! You can also make popsicles, just as easy.  If I were making popsicles I would probably use coconut water or a delicious organic juice as the base.

5.  In a park, doing something that makes you feel good; taking some time to relax under the warmth of the summer sun, and completely indulging in some time for YOU, and your berries of course.  ”The cherry on top”, if you will.
Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe New Mexico. Over and out

Peace By Piece

The P’s To Success

Success: The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted

When making choices in life one tends to look for what will bring the most success.  When the public eye witnesses someone’s success, the assumption is often made that the success occurred over night, not realizing that the accomplishment was harder to attain than it looked.  I believe that a person needs a roadmap to success . . . the following p’s can guide you down that road.

Prayer:  Praying is important.  It allows a time for reflection and appreciation for the things that have already been received.  It also allows for the seeds to be planted, and a thankful spirit opens many doors in the world.  Religion plays a key role on the journey to success.  Denomination does not matter, what matters is your faith.  Faith is universal.

Persevere:  Success in life neither happens quickly, nor easily.  Those who succeed have had plenty of times in their lives in which they were presented situations which tested their ability to push through and overcome.  Without perseverance a person is liable to quit at the first sign of trouble.

Plan:  Without a proper agenda at hand a thought is simply that, just a thought.  If there is no plan to follow through on the idea or thought, action is never taken, thus allowing for a perfectly good seed to never be planted.

Power: The ability to own oneself allows for power from within.  If you are able to control yourself and the actions you take, you will truly be empowered to accomplish your goals.

Purpose:  Everyone has a purpose in life.  When a person discovers that purpose, it opens a gate of unstoppable force.  The abilities are endless and the answer is never no!

Priority:  Learning to structure one’s life and setting the proper values on everything is key.  Not having a good knowledge of what is really important can lead to a downfall or to never getting off the ground in the first place. A lack of values creates a cloudiness of mind and spirit and hinders all ability to see the big picture.

Proportion:  It is not necessarily what you do that hurts, it is the amount in which it is done.  Too much of anything is not good.  Recognizing the downside of excess and partaking wisely in life’s temptations builds a will power and results in self-discipline.

Positive:  Attitude is crucial.  So many times people make a mountain out of an ant hill, never giving themselves the opportunity to see beyond a temporary difficulty or setback.  Positive thinking allows solutions to be processed and can make a mountain look like a fun hike.

Passionate:  Without passion in life there is nothing there to drive a person.   A love for a specific goal enables someone to look past tough obstacles and handle adversity on the way to becoming successful.

Patience:  Nothing happens overnight. It takes time for a plan to fully blossom.  Exercising patience is not easy; however, waiting enables the planted seeds to sprout, the potential opportunities to occur.

Perception: Things happen on an everyday basis that can change your life.  It is not the wind that changes our direction, but rather the way we set sail.  How we see the situation is what determines our decisions on what to do next.

Better Outcome Brings The Money

When activities and outcomes are better, the money is sure to follow.

It took me a while to really understand this concept.  The way we react to celebrities and sports stars makes it pretty hard to “live simple.”  We see what they have, what they drive and where they live, and because we aspire to be like them we can’t help but want to have what they have.  If we are going to get it, we will definitely need to make money.

We make the mistake of trying to make a lot of money first and focus on the purpose later.  If you look at people who have really made a lot of money, they did it differently.  They stuck with their purpose, stayed focused, and the money followed.

A perfect example of this is Steve Jobs with Apple.  He single-handedly revolutionized the world with his creative inventions and innovative designs.  And if you look at his history you will see he did not set out to make millions first, but rather he wanted to be on the front end of design and technology.  It was that purpose that drove him day after day to do more.  It was his intense burning desire to be the leader of innovation that had him take the chances he did to get to where he landed.  If he had focused primarily on money, the first sign of losing money or his first opportunity to gain a decent amount in a merger would have prevented him from the successful course he in fact took.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg as another example.  He changed the way we talk to people all over the world.  His creation of Facebook didn’t start out as a plan to make millions and even billions of dollars.  Everything stemmed from a purpose that he had.  The countless hours of design and even more hours of learning would have ended way before a million dollars if that was all that was driving him.  He stayed the course with his purpose and even today is constantly working on improving Facebook.  For him it goes beyond the money.

These are just two examples, but if you take most of the people in the world who are making money, they are in alignment with their purposes in life.  Their work is something that has so much meaning to them that if you took the money away they would still be doing the task.  When you do things really well, people gravitate to you.  Money is no different.  Do your job well, and watch the money gravitate towards you.

Next topic covers priorities.  How can we create our purpose without locking in our priorities?

Until Next Time

Keep Running!

Ginger Turmeric Power Tea

Ginger Turmeric Power Tea

Another super easy way to boost up.  First I soak both roots in water mixed with Braggs apple cider vinegar to clean them.  Vinegar is a great natural cleanser. Then I slice the ginger root (skin on), slice the turmeric root (skin on), and boil.  You can use as much or as little as you would like, your preference.  I use a lot.  One of my clients once referred to a batch I made as moon shine.  I thought that was funny.  This tea tastes good hot or cold. I don’t sweeten mine but if I was going to I would add a little bit of raw honey. Lemon is a great addition. I love fresh lemon juice. I think I’ll write about lemon for the next nutritional gem. They are definitely gems.

This is a great tea to drink if you are not feeling so hot.  Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and anti-viral as well and it aids in the treatment of nausea and is therefore particularly helpful when you have food poisoning or a stomach virus.  Both ginger and turmeric are fantastic immune boosters and great anti-inflammatories.  *Inflammation is redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, heat, and disturbed function of an area of the body, especially as a reaction of tissues to injurious agents.

Well, here ya go –  Here are a few more of Mother Natures precious gifts to keep you good and strong.  Gems, if you will.

I’m drinking some right now. Cheers!

Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over and out.

Peace By Piece

Purpose Brings Meaning

What we do gets done better when there is meaning behind it.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has always stressed for me, “Remember your purpose.”  Growing up I always use to look at him funny, because I didn’t understand exactly what that meant.  Throughout my college years my phone calls with my dad ended with the phrase “Remember your purpose.”  Every time I got off the phone I would think to myself, “What the heck is he talking about?”

It wasn’t until I was 25 years old, with a wife and a 1-year-old, living in my mother-in- law’s house and working with my father-in –law, that I finally understood what the heck my dad meant.

Throughout my whole adolescence I found the easy way out.  I never really cared much for the task at hand unless it dealt with the game of basketball.  Sure, I still did well in school.  In high school I was always an A and B student, and in college I even got on the dean’s list a few times, but I was just going through the motions.  The only time I seemed to really care about what I was doing was when it pertained to basketball.  When I did the countless hours of shooting lessons, or did intense training sessions, it was for a bigger purpose. It didn’t matter what had to be done, I gladly did it as long as I knew it would better my chances at being a beast on the court.

Finally, at age 25 living in a house that was not mine and doing a job that I did only to support my family, it hit me.  I needed to create a purpose.  I loved basketball, enjoyed working out, and really loved helping others.  With that in mind I created a scene of what my life with the perfect job would look like.

I began waking up earlier to work out before work, and during work, while everyone listened to music, I had my strength and conditioning certification study guide on my iPod.  For 8 hours a day I studied while doing the everyday construction duties.  In the evening I worked out, and at night I started applying what I learned to create different kinds of workouts, using proven principles and combining various techniques to formulate effective training sessions.

Once I linked the purpose to my life and stopped fearing the unknown, my life took a drastic shift – a significantly positive shift which energizes me to this day.

Next topic is going to be over money and the concept that when activities and outcomes are better, the money is sure to follow.

Until Next Time –

Keep Running!

Useful Sticker Info

You know those little stickers you peel off of your fruits and veggies? The numbers convey very important and useful information.  Think about what they mean the next time you are choosing your fruits and veggies.

4 numbers mean they were conventionally grown.

5 numbers starting with number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO).

5 numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown.

If I was choosing your fruits and veggies they would always have five numbers, starting with the number 9.  OR be coming from a local and trusted family farm.


Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over and out.

Peace By Piece


To love what you do makes it a little easier to wake up in the morning.  But a problem that most of us face is the lack of love for what we do, or rather, finding something to love about what we do.

Have you ever been so excited for a trip that you couldn’t sleep? Or felt exhilarated because you were going to see a loved one you hadn’t seen in a long time?  Your heart is full of love, a certain yearning for what is going to happen next.  And typically, you never think about the sleep you didn’t get, because you were too busy having fun and living.

The people who are able to get up, day in and day out, with a sense of ease and eagerness to start the day are people who have passion for what they are doing.  The love in their hearts for what they do and their anticipation of what is next to come allow for an easy transition out of bed and for the late return to it.

It’s time to really stop and think:  Where does your passion lie?

For us here at Run The Walk, the passion lies in our ability to connect with others.  We wake up early and strive to reach more people every day, trying to pass on the knowledge we have been given and learned throughout our lives.  We find that the more we encourage others to do more, the more we are able to do.  It is becoming an addiction to get more out of life.

Take any person who plays a college sport.  That athlete will tell you that the amount of work required to hone skills is endless.  If you ask whether or not the work is demanding, the answer will probably be yes, but for the athlete who loves a sport, hard work and challenges are never looked at as negatives.  The early practices before the rise of the sun are done not just because the coach requires them, but also — and primarily — because the athlete loves the sport.

Those who find themselves loving the sport have a tendency to work harder and smarter.  Late night shooting sessions with no sound but the bounce of the ball don’t happen unless there is a passion driving the person.  The athletes who arrive before practice to work on weaknesses are there because they are passionate, either about the game itself or about being the best they can be.  Passion is the driving force, it allows for the “extra” to happen more effortlessly.

If you can’t think of anything to be passionate about, try rewording the question.  We all love doing something.  What could you see yourself doing if you did not need money?

In the next topic we will talk about purpose.  What we do gets done better when there is meaning behind it, and chances are when activities and outcomes are better, the money is sure to follow.

Until next time,

Keep Running!


Blueberries, The Antioxidant Powerhouse

I need to eat more blueberries.

The thing is that unless they are in season I don’t think about buying them.  I’m not a fan of eating blueberries that have been traveling for weeks from some far away country.  They’re already dead once they get here.  Dead blueberries don’t exactly light my fire.  Good news: berries are in season! To often I forget that I can still buy organic frozen ones, if fresh are not up to my standard. Frozen is always the best alternative to fresh.   No excuses.  Blueberries should be eaten as much as possible.  And they should always be bought organic. Everything should always be bought organic.  Truly organic. There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course.

Most experts, in the health field will tell you that blueberries are one of, if not, the healthiest foods you can eat.  I agree.  They are nutritional/antioxidant powerhouses.

The first quality of the blueberry that I would like to highlight is their fiber content.  Fiber is a love of mine.  I’m big into digestive health. Fiber and digestive health go hand in hand.  Blues are rich in pectin, which is a soluble fiber, and the tannins in blues reduce inflammation in your digestive system.  Yes, I have shortened blueberries to blues.  I was starting to feel to redundant.  Somehow, blue, seems easier to digest.  No pun intended.  They also contain polyphenols, which have been noted for their antibacterial properties.  And you want to keep your body as bacteria free as possible.  Bad bacteria, that is.  Probiotics equals good bacteria, and you want them.  Probiotics will be a “piece” coming soon.  I have a pretty serious infatuation with probiotics too, also linked to my “big into digestive health” bit.

Besides delicious, glorious fiber, blues are terrific for SO many other reasons.  I could write a very long piece on why they are so great but I’m gonna do my best to keep it short and simple for you, and just ask for your trust.  With that said I will note some of the key words I want for you to think when blues cross your mind, or mouth:  ANTIOXIDANTS, ANTI AGING, CANCER SLAYERS.  If I didn’t list any others, these three qualities would be reason enough to eat them.  Blues have an extraordinary antioxidant content, which corresponds directly with their relationship to anti aging and fighting cancer.  Remember antioxidants? They came up in the “Watermelon” piece, last week.  They are the soldiers who slay free radicals; the rascals who try to attack our healthy cells.  Blues; Another free radical murder weapon.

All together now… “Thaaaaaaank yooooooou”.

Back to the key words: Fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, riboflavin, niacin, phytoestrogens, polyphenols, salicylic acid, and carotenoids.  If you are not familiar with the benefits of any of the nutrients just written, I encourage you to do a little research, or reach out to me – I am more than happy to enlighten you.

Brothers and sisters of the blue: purple grapes, cranberries, boysenberries, raspberries, strawberries, currants, blackberries, cherries.

Trust me, eat blueberries.  Or any of the other family members, as often as you are able.  And when you are SOOO super healthy and slaying free radicals like a mad man, please don’t expose me as the one who shared all this blueberry talk.  I’d rather keep murder accessory off my resume.

Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over and out.

Peace By Piece


It’s not what you do, it is how you do it, and it’s not what happens but how we perceive it.

In order to wrap our heads around the concept of no alarm clocks, and being able to wake up earlier with ease, we have to talk about perception.

Everyone in this world is faced with doing things that they do not want to do.  Everyone has had tough moments like being stuck in the wrong job or playing on a team and never getting off the bench. It is in those moments that we need to understand that we are closer than ever to finding happiness.

I know, I know, I sound crazy! But think about it. The most successful people have had absolutely nothing when starting out. So what was it that made them able to succeed?  Yes, they had a dream, and they never lost sight of the dream. But if you really examine moments in their lives when things were not so good, they always found ways to make things better. They found a way to make the people around them better, and found fun in anything that they were doing. They linked the obstacles and hard times to a purpose that would help put them closer to their dreams.

Take 50 Cent, for example. After being shot 9 times, he was viewed as too dangerous, and Columbia Records took his deal away from him. It wasn’t bad enough he almost died, and lost knuckles and pieces of his tongue, his record deal that he had worked so hard for was taken away.

No doubt he was crushed, but he perceived it a different way. In his book, The 50th Law, he explains that it was just meant for him to have no limitations on his music. By him not having to deal with a company only meant he could do things his way. Well, as you know, he did do it his way, and became pretty successful.

50 Cent perceived it differently than most. Instead of playing the victim, he found a way to play the victor. Now I don’t know about you, but I cannot say that Life has knocked me on my butt any harder than 50 Cent was knocked on his. We make our problems as big or small as we want them to be.

50 Cent, along with all the other Runners of the world, had something more than just perception going for him. Next topic we are going to talk about Passion. To love what you do makes it a little easier to wake up in the morning, too.

Until next time,