Time Runs Regardless

How bad do you want it?

It is never easy to wake up.  It seems like everyday we are faced with that alarm clock ruining our happy moment in bed where the warmth rules and the dreams are alive and vivid.

Playing basketball my whole life made me wake up early.  I was only 13 when I had my first taste of waking up every morning at 4:45am to make practice by 5:30am.  It didn’t stop there.  All the way into college there were the morning pre season workouts that nobody enjoyed getting out bed for.  The problem that I always had was being able to embrace the moment of waking up.  I always hated that moment the clock rang.  To this day I can not stand the sound of alarm clocks.  Anytime I hear an alarm a sense of pain rips through my body as if I am reliving the moment of waking up all over again.

Eric Thomas, a motivation speaker from Detroit MI, said once in his speech, “When you want it as bad as you can breathe… then you will be successful” (Click hear for the full speach).  If we want it bad enough, and can shift our concept of waking up, we will not need the alarm to get up out of bed.  To run the walk, it is essential to wrap our heads around this concept.

Have you ever noticed that there are days when you can wake up with no problem?  Say for example you have a fun day planned with friends you haven’t seen, or you are going to take a fun vacation.  These moments are easier to wake up for than Monday morning for work.

It is not what we do but how we do it, and it is not what happens but how we perceive it.  Our next topic is going to be on Perception, which is one of the P’s to success.  In order to Run for a long period of time you have to first learn how to.

Until we see each other again,


Run The Walk Level 1 Challenge

You want a quick test of endurance? You think you got what it takes to run?  Try this Level one challenge and post your time results on Twitter @RunTheWalk

Level 1 Challenge

This workout consists of 4 exercises.  The goal is to do each exercise without stopping.  Sounds easy? Here is the catch.  You have to do each exercise 4 times since there are 4 quarters in a game.  Still sounding easy?  Well here is where we find out if you got what it takes to #RunTheWalk.  For quarter 1 you will be required to do 10 reps of each exercise.  Quarter 2 will require you to do 20, quarter 3=30 and 4=40.

In total you will be doing 100 reps per exercise.  Between each set of 4 you get a break of 30 seconds before moving onto the next quarter.  This should take no more than 15 minutes, but the question is can you get it in 15??

1.  Push Ups (standard width)

2. Sprints (Full court all the way down is 1)

3. Squats (Feet shoulder width apart, feet facing forward in a straight line)

4. Towel Pushes (Half court is1) (While holding a towel with your hands push it along the floor.  Bear crawl position)

Good luck!

Run The Walk



The Documentary of A.J. Bramlett

This is a story of a kid that came from an area that no one really recognizes as a place to get major talent. Fighting all odds, and persevering through the doubt, A.J. surpassed most everyone’s expectations with the game of basketball.

His ability to rise and grind day in and day out leaves me inspired and teaches us to make the best of situations and believe in ourself to achieve the goal we want. Check out the trailer of “Relentless”

Rocky Mountain Hoops Showcase


70 Players came from all over the state of NM and west TX to showcase their skills in the RM Hoops event. College coaches from all over were able to stream live thanks to Proview Networks. The Event was a success, as all the players left it out on the court. At the end of the day they could say they did Run The Walk.

What is Run The Walk?

Which person are you?

If you want to live a dream you have to go after it!  Everyone wants the prize and the glory, but too many fall short of what it takes to accomplish that!  Those that talk about what they are going to do next have a vision, and some of those visions are the best ideas.  Then there are those out there who not only talk about it, but they are all about it.  Those are the walkers.  They have been known throughout time to get it done!

There has been a shift in the way society does things now.  Now, with the way technology is, our society has access to any country with simple Internet connection; answers to questions about anything with a quick Google search; anyone can create a buzz with all the social media out there.

In order to accomplish today what the walker accomplished yesterday we have to run!  To walk now is to wake up daily, get ready for the job you only do because it pays the bills, and go to work, anticipating 5pm to get there so you can get home and do what you really want to do.

Those that Run The Walk do things a little different.  This person wakes up daily, studies for the knowledge they need to get the job they want, then gets ready for the job they only do because it pays the bills, goes to work, while at work anticipates lunch so they can work on what they want to do as a career, then anticipates 5pm so they can get home to work on whatever is needed to help them achieve their dream.  The Runner understands that where they are at now is only temporary and their dream, with hard work, is right around the corner.

You have to get “out of the box” in order to Run The Walk.  To live in the box means you are only doing what is asked.  Lets say there are two players with the same kind of talent.  The first player is the “in the box” thinker, and is going to do what the coach asks.   The second player is the “out of the box” thinker, and is going to do what the coach asks, and on top of that do things on their own to enhance what it is the coach wants from them.

For example: the first player goes to every practice and does everything the coach asks him to do.  He is always at every function outside of practice that the team is suppose to be at, and he even on occasion stays after practice to get extra shots up.  This player is doing what he is asked to do.  He is in the box.

The Second player goes to every practice and does everything that the coach asks her to do.  She is always at every function outside of practice that the team is suppose to be at, but she also finds time to come to practice early for extra conditioning and stays after practice everyday to work on her weaknesses.  She makes it a point to finish first in every drill and makes it an effort to encourage her teammates during the practice.  This player understands that although coach asked her to do certain things, there is need for extra work in order to be successful.  She is out of the box.

Run The Walk is a simple concept, but the process of Running the walk is not simple.  Day in and day out to run the walk means you have to get the most out of life.  Maybe it means waking up earlier for practices, or staying up later after a game to make sure you get all your homework done.  It may mean helping others out even though you are strapped for time, or bringing light on a situation that seems to be dark as night.

So I ask again, which person are you?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you stop talking and walking, and start Running?

It’s better to run your life, than to walk to someone else’s beat.

Run The Walk