We Did It!!

#WeRunCauseWeCan                                             #RunTheWalk

Thanks to great friends and support from so many participants in this past weekends event, I am happy to say that we have officially punched our ticket to run in the NYC marathon. All the training has been intense, and it has been great having my team there every step of the way!

This past weekend we had over 150 participants run in our first 5k/10k.  It was a success in more than just numbers.  During the race, I was able to connect with people from all walks of life.  Some of the participants were cancer survivors themselves and hearing their stories only made our mission that much more meaningful.

Dating back to just a couple of weeks ago, our chances of attaining our $4,000 goal was looking slim to none.  We were at $1,190, and had no idea what kind of numbers we were going to get at our event.  I will say that G Garza was the man with the plan on this one.  He was able to gather his community of Rancho Viejo and get them on board with our vision and purpose.  G would not have been able to do this alone.  A Special thanks to the Rancho Viejo Community and all of the workers that provided assistance to make this event a success.  Natalie Sales, the country club and resort fitness director, was the person who really helped solidify everything!  Natalie I cannot thank you enough for everything you did, without you and Rancho Viejo’s help, the event wouldn’t be possible.

I am in still in amazement that we raised $2,915 on the event considering we only had four weeks to prepare.  I am happy to say that we have raised $4,105!

My team has been behind me from the start and we are now about to run in NYC.

To everyone that has donated, I want to thank you for helping us get to our goal.  For those of you who participated in our event this past weekend, you have no idea how much you did by showing up and supporting our cause.

We Run Because We Can!


Character Check!

Carlos started camp off with a bang,

Before camp started, watching Carlos dunk with every ounce of energy he had was pretty entertaining.  Keep in mind that the basket was a 7 foot goal, but when watching Carlos’ intensity you knew that he was giving it all that he had.  It was to no surprise that he brought that same intensity when camp started.

Most kids, at the start of any camp, are timid and still trying to figure out what things are going to be like.  Not Carlos.  From the start he went above and beyond what was asked of him.  Prior to coach G asking the campers to repeat what he was doing (so that the campers would better understand the movements) Carlos was repeating it.  He did it in such a manner that it was evident that he cared about one thing, and one thing only, and that was to get better.

Throughout the rest of day one, during our breaks Carlos was still attempting dunks on the 7 foot goal.  But sure enough, when camp ended, while he was waiting around for his ride, he started working on the techniques he learned during the day; on the regulation rim!

Day two brought new campers into our life.  And it was because of kids like Carlos that we didn’t miss a beat.  The new campers understood what was asked of them because Carlos was not cutting one single corner.  I asked Carlos why he went so hard?  His response was so simple, “because I want to learn coach”.  Somewhere in his mind he has linked hard work with learning, but he has also linked fun with doing both because he was definitely one of the hardest workers, but he never wanted to stop.  When he found out camp was almost over he replied, “Oh come on, I want to learn more”.

Carlos, you ran the walk at camp and we hope you take that same mentality you had at camp and use it everyday towards everything in life.  We expect huge things from you in the future,  Keep Running!

Rocky Mountain Hoops Showcase


70 Players came from all over the state of NM and west TX to showcase their skills in the RM Hoops event. College coaches from all over were able to stream live thanks to Proview Networks. The Event was a success, as all the players left it out on the court. At the end of the day they could say they did Run The Walk.