2013 Recap

Run The Walk started originally as a camp/clinic company.  We were just former College/Pro players/coaches who wanted to help young athletes take their talents to the
next level.

By the middle of our first year, we realized that the philosophies we live by and the teachings we offer during our camps and clinics could be summed up in one simple

Run The Walk: The ability to take what you are currently doing to the next level.

By the end of year one, we had branched out, holding running events, setting up corporate challenges, and speaking to people in all walks of life, telling them what RTW is all about. By year two we knew that we were promoting a lifestyle rather than just trying to help kids with the game of basketball.

The more people we reach and who begin “Running The Walk” with us, the more
motivated we become to give our maximum to advance the RTW movement.

Above is a recap of our second year.  We have big things planned for year three, and can’t wait to keep inspiring and helping others achieve their dreams!

Keep Running!




No Labels Run @Mira Lagos for Danny Jones Rachel’s Challenge

1st Annual Is A Success


The first annual No Labels No Limits run was a success!  The event brought awareness to anti-bullying, and benefited Danny Jones Rachel’s Challenge. Bringing together families, friends, and even people from out of the state coming to run on behalf of the cause.

We saw people who never thought of running a 5K before all the way up to the experts of running who came out ready to win it all.  With a little over 300 participants, this inaugural event left an impact.

As we set up early that morning, an older woman, who was out for a walk asked what was going on?  After hearing what we were doing, her response was, “It’s great seeing people who would normally be inside on a Saturday out as a family doing something active and for a cause”.

We were able to create a spirit week Leading up to the event, thanks to Principle Moore and his awesome staff at Danny Jones.  Julie Jager, who is a counselor at Danny Jones, really made things happen within the school.  The Friday before the event we had two Pep Rally’s that featured yours truly in the pie-eating contest.  The band played, cheerleaders cheered, and the students all got into the chants and festivities.

Being able to reach our youth with an anti-bullying running event was fun.  We were able to raise a little over $1,400  for Danny Jones’ Rachel’s Challenge.  We have to extend a huge thank you to the following sponsors who helped make this all happen:

Rush Creek Church, Chili’s, The Children’s Courtyard, Broad Street Postal Center, Planet Beach Contempo and Spa Mansfield , First Texas Homes, Corner Café Bakery, Bloomfield Homes, Mooyah Burger, Rally Zone Tees, Mira Lagos Development, Shue Studios, D.J. Shon, Dream Big, Camp Gladiator, Jules with Herbal Life, Mansfield High School Key Club, and The Grand Prairie Air Hogs.

We are more motivated than ever to helping make an impact.  Although the No Labels No Limits Run is only a one-day event, it was a place where we saw people from all walks of life put there labels to the side and come out and share a day together.  Our goals are to make this event better every year, and everyone who supported the cause, either by participating or sponsoring, you helped us make this event a great success!  We look forward to next year!  Thank you for running with us!!



2nd Annual Run At Rancho





The second annual Race at Rancho Viejo was a success.  A special thanks to every volunteer that helped make this race a smooth experience for the runners, and a huge thank you to the runners who helped make this event special.  Without our sponsors we would not have been able to make this happen, and of course without the cooperation of Rancho Viejo this couldn’t even be possible.

We were pumped to see all of the runners out there supporting Hope 4 kids Living With Diabetes.  There were, of course medals given to the top finishers, but the day belonged to everyone who participated in making the event a success.  With just a little over 200 registrants, we are happy to announce that we raised $1,660 for Hope.

We look forward to the next event at Rancho Viejo.  Until the next time we see you,

Keep Running!

Great Things Ahead In 2013 For RTW!

What do you do with your time?

The New Year is in full effect and there is just one simple question you have to ask yourself.  If we think about a week long, we tend to think 7 days.  Thinking about 7 days, the thought is never 168 hours, and it most certainly isn’t 10,080 minutes.  Think about how many minutes that is and now ask yourself, Have I given it my all for all those minutes?

The saying is true, every successful person has the exact same amount of time as anyone else. It’s how the successful utilize their time that sets them apart.  The 10,080 minutes we get week-in and week-out determine the direction our life is heading, good or bad.

The team at Run The Walk are excited about all the things we have been working on for the year 2013!  It has been one heck of a ride thus far and we have handled every situation with a RTW mentality.  With camps this year coming up for our Wounded Warriors, clinics in New York, and huge strides being made towards our clothing line, we know that the hard work is paying off.

The year is fresh, and with it comes the opportunity to change.  But just remember, when talking about change, the people who are most successful with change take things one day at a time. The minutes in one day are what need to be focused on to achieve the large outcome.  24 hours at a time, each of the 1,440 minutes counts, to head down the road that leads to your dreams.

Until next time,

Keep Running


Our Pain Really Is Temporary

Marathon or not, the experience was a life changer.  

It has been over a week now since the marathon was supposed to happen.  I know that for a couple of days it really was painful for me to think that I was not going to be able to run.  I saw all the chaos happening, with all the people hurting for necessities and then I thought even more about those affected by this awful disease.

I realized at that moment that my pain truly is temporary.  This whole time my team and I have been saying that our pain is temporary, how fitting that it in fact really is.  All of the real work had already been done.  We raised the money needed to run in the race, and we raised awareness to our friends and family about this disease.  And I did my part at making sure I followed the training regimen so that I could finish the 26.2 on marathon day.

The truth is that those running in the marathon all had their reasons for running.  Some are professional runners, others run because they love running, and others do something like us and run for a cause.  Although all reasons are great in their own way, none of them can compete with hurricanes.

We ran the walk by doing everything needed to get to the big run.  For anyone who has played a sport, all you can do is prepare for the game and give your all at practice, and then you go out and the game takes care of itself.  In this case the game was canceled, but our experiences leading up to the game were not.

This has been one of the most fulfilling things I have been able to be a part of, and although we were unable to run the NYC marathon, these last 6 months have felt really good helping those battling Multiple Myeloma.  We Run Because We Can and My Pain Is Temporary will live with me forever.  I can’t wait until the next challenge!

Until next time,

Keep Running!

Fighting Cancer And Motivating Others To LIVE

Above is a picture of Dinora, a woman that has absolutely moved me beyond any word describable.  Her story has brought  tears to my eyes.  Seeing what it is like for a mother facing what Dinora is now forced to face., I can’t help but think about my past.  I have been on the other side, watching my mom slowly be taken over by a disease, but never in my 18 years since losing her, did I ever stop to see the events unfold from my mom’s perspective  as she faced the inevitable.
I do not know Dinora personally, but when I step out to run tomorrow’s long 17 miles, her life  and story will be weighing heavily on my mind, fueling me with the motivation needed to finish the training.  We all have a tendency to go through a day complaining about the reasons why that day may have been so hard, or not gone our way.  Below I have posted the words that Dinora wrote that moved me so tremendously.  Please read, and following the reading, stop and ask yourself if the complaints are really worth wasting our precious breathes on.
“Hi friends,
Life fighting cancer is generally two steps forward, one back. Sometimes it’s two forward, 1,000 steps back…that’s where we are now. Last week I began having some headaches—the short of it is that the cancer has spread to the base of my neck, to the nerves leading to my ears, and in the lining of my brain. Wow…you have to give credit to such awful cells that are capable of working around chemo and still paving new paths of destruction. This setback is, well, more than that. My doctors have given me 6-12 months unless God grants me a miracle (which we’d love, of course!).
6-12 months
How do you wrap your head around that?  Between dwelling on it and sometimes avoiding it; it’s an impossible thing to think about.
As a wife, my heart breaks for my high school sweetheart who will soon navigate life as a single dad BUT he does have a Superman cape under his t-shirts and I know he’ll do an amazing job with Ethan and Asher. God knew what he was doing all those years with Mr Varsity Tennis Champ and Little Ole Freshman Tennis Team me. :-) As a mommy to my 7 & almost 11-year old boys, it’s against my very nature of protecting them and never causing them pain to put them through this. Ethan understands the time frame, Ash is too young to fully grasp it so he’s protected. They both see a mommy who’s weak, tired, and lost a lot of weight but I remind them of the mommy who rode a bazillion rollercoasters at Disney, loved Sea World, the beach, took them for slurpees and Mexican sweetbread after school, and cheered LOUDLY at countless baseball games. I’m their biggest fan!  These are the memories I want them to keep tucked in their hearts.

I don’t know why God chose this path for me but as I’ve told our boys, this world is broken and comes with lots of hurts. It won’t be whole until Jesus reclaims it. It’s unimaginable to me that I won’t be here walking next to my boys, but trust that I’ll be watching them from my Heavenly Father’s side. This girl cannot miss a baseball game!
For now, we will try one last chemo option that will merely keep bad symptoms at bay for a few months and allow me to hopefully enjoy that time as fully as I can with my 3 boys.  I know each day I have to pour into them is a great privilege…the beautiful privilege of being a mommy and a wife. What a beautiful blessing!  Hugs, DPS.  See you Sunday at the DN5K Run!  Just know I’ll be the girl wiping her eyes with tissues. :-)

9 Mile Run Past Defeat

Overcome That Thought

I definitely stepped outside my comfort zone yesterday.  I have been training now for a marathon for what seems forever, never really making it too public until now.  The main reason for that is simple.  How many people do we know who are always saying they are about to do something and then nothing ever manifests?  It was important to me to make sure I had put the necessary time in towards this huge event before I went around telling people what I was going to do.  I figure 5 months is more than enough time.

I have been seeing changes in my body that just come with the territory, or so I have been told.  My feet look like something out of a horror story.  From blisters to nails blackening, they are not the prettiest things to look at.  It is better for me now though, because those who know me can attest that my feet were always interesting, to say the least. :)

My usual runs consist of anywhere from four to six miles.  That was before today.  Yesterday I set out to conquer nine!  Honestly, the first six were easy, which would be understandable considering my body was used to it.  It knew how to take that distance.  The last 2 miles I found myself in a battle with my mind.

My thoughts became slow and sluggish, and I was constantly hearing this voice telling me to stop.  It was in that moment that I felt the wrath of Defeat.  Defeat is in us all.  It lives with us and waits for the time when it can creep in and take over.  I have heard this voice before and have submitted to it.  Like the time that I played ball in college and submitted to going out all the time instead of working on my dream.  There was that voice of Defeat telling me it was not going to happen anyway, so why bother.  I listened to it then, but not yesterday.

Yesterday I told defeat exactly where it could go.  I battled the last 2 miles and wound up running 9.3 miles.  I did more than I was supposed to do.  Why?  Because I wanted to prove to myself that defeat was not going to get the best of me – that my mind was strong enough to allow my body to do what it is capable of doing – to be among the elite in that moment and step into a category that tells Defeat that I am not going to quit.

The next time I run 9 miles it will not be as hard because I will know I have already done it.  I know I am going to be faced with other struggles in the weeks to come, and I am not saying that I am going to have any easier time of it in the future with the voice we call Defeat.  What I am certain of though is the way I handled defeat today, and as they say in sports, you take it one game at a time.



Running For A Change

The team here at Run The Walk is determined to make a change in the world.  Instead of just donating money or doing a function where the proceeds will go to a great cause, we decided to really Run The Walk!

We are going to run in this year’s New York City Marathon.  What better way to Run The Walk then taking on 26.2 miles of intensity that will require hours of training and more than a few packs of ice!-)

My team is pumped to be a part of something so great!  My Aunt Alicia O’Neill  heads up the marathon program cancer foundation MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation).  Multiple myeloma is a devastating blood cancer with one of the worst survival rates of any cancer.  The MMRF is the world’s largest private funder of myeloma research, and some of the treatments that they have funded are being used to treat 30 other cancers.

My mom died of Lupus when I was 10, and the way I had to watch her wither away is still something that is hard to bear to this day.  There is not one disease out there that is worse than the other.  Every disease out can equally harm a person and the person’s family.

Run The Walk runs because we can!  It is something that will be painful to train for.  I do not enjoy running, however I am blessed to be able to run on behalf of my team and fortunate that my pain comes because of activity, and not because my body is being attacked by something I cannot control.  My pain is temporary where as those who suffer from diseases like Multiple Myeloma are plagued with pain day after day.

The MMRF is a leader in cancer research.  One disease cured is a huge step towards curing other diseases.  We have committed to raise $4,000 towards MMRF’s push towards a cure.  This is our ticket into running the marathon and achieving our goal as well.  Every dollar counts and I hope that you can help us reach our goal.  To donate click the link below.   All of your support is going to help me on those days when it is hard to move!


We run because we can!

Keep Running


Cherries Are Powerful

“The day when the doctors say  ’take 10 cherries and call me in the morning’ may not be far off”. (Newsweek Magazine)


That mentality is my job.

Hippocrates once said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.  It’s one of my favorite quotes.  Packs a pretty giant punch that little Hippocrates quote.  Well said Hippocrates, well said, bud. I couldn’t agree more.

On to the cherries.  Sweet, delicious, beautiful cherries…

When I think of cherries I think: Summer fruit, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-cancer, sweet, delicious, beautiful, and a fabulous and nutritious addition to every meal or beverage.

I want for you to promise me that if you are going to buy them, that you buy them organic.  Cherries are always up high on the dirty dozen list; a list released by the Environmental Working Group every year that lists the foods most contaminated by pesticides. Rule of thumb: Anything with a thin skin should, especially, always be bought organic.  That is unless pesticides are your thing, and in that case, “to each his own”.  No judgement here, BUT that’s not to say that your body isn’t  judging, and acting accordingly.

What I’d like to highlight is one of the cancer fighting agents in cherries.  It’s a flavanoid called quercetin.  Flavanoids are plant compounds with antioxidant, anticancer, and antiallergy properties. More than 4000 have been identified. Quercetin specifically has been found to be a very potent anticancer agent.  It also exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties.  If cherries are not in season and you would like to supplement with quercetin, you can find great sources at any natural market.  Remember to always buy your vitamins and supplements in “Whole Food” form.  Come to Whole Foods Market and find me!  I’ll show you all my favorites. If you can’t come into the store, let me know how you would like for me to convey the information and I’m happy to improvise.

I love to eat cherries just as they are.  However, my Grandma used to make a sweet treat with cherries that will blow your mind:  Plain thick style yogurt topped with ripe bing cherries (cut in half) and honey, finished with sprinkled brown sugar over the top.  It’s to die for. And don’t ruin it with yogurt that’s not organic! That’s an order.

Go get some cherries while they’re still in season! That’s another order.

Nicole Schutz. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over and out.

Peace By Piece