Beaming hope to those who are overwhelmed and under resourced.  inspiring you to get past the talk, through the walk, and aiming for the run. 

Struggle is inevitable. Chasing any dream requires hardship along the path. It’s what we do in pursuit of the dream that determines whether the greatness we deserve will be earned, or if we will fall victim to settling. The time is now. Get past the talk, through the walk, and aim for the run!

The Evolution of Run The Walk

Why 2 Logos?

The RTW logo represents the hardship and struggle during the pursuit of the dream.  Every idea remains just that, an idea, unless there is effort put forth to make the idea manifest. The tough and challenging road toward the dream is what makes most ideas remain ideas, never becoming actions and achievements.

The Run The Walk logo represents that the struggle pays off with greatness, and you don’t settle. You continue on, regardless of what is in your way. Struggle becomes Greatness: You cannot reach one without taking on the other.

Our clothing is produced with the conscious intention to inspire and motivate.  Regardless what phase you are in on your journey, we aim to provide you with the inspiration to help take your goals to the next level, and ultimately attain your dream.

Keep Moving Forward… Keep Running!

Run The Walk